February 28: a day of infamy in the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres
By Martin Hill

Today, February 28th, is a day which holds seldom noted historical significance regarding both the Ruby Ridge and Waco Branch Davidian massacres perpetrated by the U.S. federal government.

On August 21, 1992 in Ruby Ridge Idaho, US Marshals raided the property of Randy Weaver and killed his 14 year old son Samuel, his wife Vicki and the family dog Striker. After government agents shot 14 year old Sam Waever in the back, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver in the head, killing her while she stood in the doorway holding her 10 month old baby daughter. Horiuchi was indicted for manslaughter in 1997 in idaho but was given 'sovereign immunity.' by the feds. The U.S. Department of Justice later issued a report stating the attack was illegal. [The Ruby Ridge: Report of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 1995 stated: "Legality of the Second Shot -- The Subcommittee believes that the second shot was inconsistent with the FBI's standard deadly force policy and was unconstitutional. It was even inconsistent with the special Rules of Engagement." (referenced at Wikipedia)]

What's not widely known is that seven and a half years earlier, on February 28, 1985, "Randy and Vicki Weaver filed an affidavit with the county courthouse alleging that their personal enemies were plotting to provoke the FBI into attacking and killing the Weaver family." [Jess Walter, Ruby Ridge, ReganBooks, HarperCollins, 2002, pp.63-65. (referenced at wikipedia]

Ironically, also on February 28, 1991, a government report falsely attributed another man's words to Randy Weaver as a threat against the government:

"Many of the people used by the Marshals as third party go-betweens on the Weaver case -Bill and Judy Grider, Alan Jeppeson, Richard Butler- were evaluated by the Marshals as more radical than the Weavers themselves. When Deputy US Marshal (DUSM) Dave Hunt asked Bill Grider about Randy Weaver: "Why shouldn't I just go up there ... and talk to him?" Bill Grider replied, "Let me put it to you this way. If I was sitting on my property and somebody with a gun comes to do me harm, then I'll probably shoot him."[20] When this was reported later by the government, Grider's words were attributed to Weaver as a threat. [DO J OPR Ruby Ridge Task Force Report, June 10, 1994, attributes the quote "if a man enters my property with a gun to do me harm, you can bet that I'm going to shoot him to protect myself" to Weaver citing Report of Investigation by Mays, March 6, 1991, at 2, and also notes "Law enforcement regarded the Griders as "more radical and dangerous than Weaver." See Addendum to Enforcement Division Daily Report, February 28, 1991, at 1." [from Wikipedia].

While the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian tragedy is commonly referenced to have occurred on April 19, 1993, it actually began on February 28, 1993, when the ATF raided the Mount Carmel compound resulting in the deaths of 4 ATF agents and 6 Branch Davidians and wounding of 16 ATF agents. [See THE FBI A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE GUIDE

On April 19, 1993, 76 people died in the fire including 25 children, two pregnant women and David Koresh himself [1]

I visted the Mount Carmel property in 2008, 15 years later. Here are some photos and the story of the visit. A video montage can be seen here:

May God bless and console the families of all the innocent people who were killed.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 5:7-8 "If thou shalt see the oppressions of the poor, and violent judgments, and justice perverted in the province, wonder not at this matter: for he that is high hath another higher, and there are others still higher than these: Moreover there is the king that reigneth over all the land subject to him".

Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Rense, WorldNetDaily, National Motorists Association, KNBC4 Los Angeles, and many others. You can view an archive of his articles at LibertyFight.com.

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